No of Post 3

* 1) Switch Yards & Sub Stations. 
* 2) Power Distribution. 
* 3) Electrical Systems (Lighting, Earthing, cabling, Lightening Protection).   
* 4) Electrical Layouts & Cable Routing. 
* 6) Knowledge of System Studies. 
* 7) Knowledge of EMS/SCADA/SCMS/PMS system and analysis. 
* 8) Hazardous area Classification 
* 9) Electrical Packages (HV /LV Switchgear, Auxiliary Panels, UPS, Small Power, EDG etc) 
* 10) Mechanical Packages (Compressor, dosing system, conveying system, EOT crane and hoist, Blower, Pumps, chemical injection packages, tank storage, flare etc) 
* 11) Heat Tracing system 
* 12) Cathodic Protection System 
* 13) Solar Power System 

No of Post 2

    To carry out safe operation and preventive maintenance of all electrical equipment as per laid down instructions

    Should have working knowledge of inverters, transformer, solar modules etc.

    To maintain and carry out daily / weekly and monthly checks

    Supervise cleaning of solar modules on-site

    Daily recording of generation and performance as per formats to include meter reading. (Candidate must be proficient MS Word and Ms Excel)

    Conduct Site Study & Analysis: preparation of site summary report after assessing site potential (roof / ground) for solar installation for clients

    Preparing electricity bill analysis of customers & calculating / understanding clients requirement (kWp)

    Carry out feasibility of power availability, shadow analysis and study of user requirements on the electrical side

    Communication of site specific details to design team

    Preparation of technical specification for all the electrical equipment and recommendation of makes. Responsible for receiving quotations from vendors for inverters, modules, cables, structure etc.

    Assessment of Regulation and Policy for Solar Installations in various states in India

    Processing applications for net-metering with concerned DISCOM of client. Carry-out site visits with DISCOM engineer as required for net-metering approval

    Oversee full end to end installation of solar system on building rooftops

    Overseeing installation operations as carried out by I&C team

    Solve any issues and suggest good solutions form a technical viewpoint